Financially Support LPIN.TV

As you can imagine, there are a lot of costs to building LPIN.TV. There are cameras, editing software, web hosting and bandwith, travel costs, microphones, and staff costs to filming and editing the video. If you believe in the libertarian message and the power of this new outreach venture, then we need your help in growing it. The best way to do this is through a financial contribution.

Make a One-Time Contribution:

Make a one time contribution of any amount by clicking here:

Contribute Monthly by Joining the 1994 Society:

Make a monthly pledge of $10 or more a month.


Legal Stuff:

Funds raised through 1994 Society go directly to the LPIN. Each level of the 1994 Society makes one a member of the LPIN and the local county affiliate of their voting residence, if organized. Membership allows a vote at all local business meetings, and makes one eligible to be a delegate to the State Convention. Non-members are prohibited from voting at any LP function, but are free to attend. Most LPIN affiliated counties require membership in the national and state parties for voting privileges. This membership lasts 366 days from the date of the last payment. The 1994 Society payment is pulled from a debit or credit card on the 26th of the month.Both of these options can be carried out at