What is LPTV?

LPIN.TV is a new way to connect to the Libertarian Party. We’re a firm believer that we don’t need to wait for the mainstream media to broadcast our message. We can come directly to you with no filter! On this site, we will broadcast the libertarian message in a few different ways:

  1. We want to explain to you what makes a Libertarian different from the other parties both in our approach to government and political philosophy.
  2. We want to give you a direct link to the views of our candidates. We believe that if you hear their message, your choice becomes easy in November and we are no longer waiting for the media to catch up to our message.
  3. We want to connect you with other Hoosier libertarians. Our live streams have one feature that most other streaming sites can’t give you: a live chatroom with a small number of guests discussing the topic found in the feed. This gives us the ability to hold Q&A sessions during live and taped events. This means you can connect with other guests, campaigns, and the Libertarian Party in real time.
Currently, we only have two “stages”:
1. LP 101 TV – A channel devoted to YouTube videos chosen by Hoosier libertarians when asked to choose the videos that best explain their beliefs. Attend our LP 101 classes or check out more about our beliefs at www.LP101.org.
2. Training TV – The official video channel of the Libertarian Training Center. This is a new training program that we’ll be launching soon.
Very soon, we’ll launch a third stage with content produced every week from our headquarters.

We have big plans in 2012, both here and on your ballots. Bookmark our site, share it on facebook, and please check back often!


Chris Spangle

LPIN Executive Director

P.S. If you are interested in supporting this project, we welcome your help! We need help financially to acquire good video equipment for shooting, streaming, and editing. We also need ideas and production of content! Please contact me at cspangle@lpin.org to help further this effort. Thank you.